Sunflower & Calendula Baby Oil

Sunflower & Calendula Baby Oil
You're not the only one who craves a soothing body rub every now and then! Research shows that infant massage has enormous benefits for helping babies grow and thrive. 

A perfect blend of Protective Organic Sunflower Oil, Healing Organic Calendula Oil, and Moisturizing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, makes this the best and most gentle massage oil for your precious darling. Massaging your little one with our Sunflower & Calendula Baby Oil can help:

  • Ease Tummy Troubles And Teething Pain
  • Boost Muscle Development
  • Calms Fussiness 
  • Soothe Baby To Sleep
  • Helps You Bond With Your Baby
So, make massaging your little one part of your daily bedtime routine with our Sunflower & Calendula Baby Oil. Because after the stresses of sleeping and eating all day, your baby deserves a break! 

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